The idea was conceived in 2021: to do something bold, different, kinetic. A production house that donates its profits for artist grants. To regenerate creatives, help transform the industry, redefine commercial boundaries, hold purpose and become relevant, contemporary, valuable. The idea was inspired by the mythical legend of my hometown and utopian idealist, Robin Hood; who stole from the rich and gave to those who needed it most. The idea became a reality; producing film and photography campaigns for luxury clients on a global scale whilst using our 10% production fee to host an annual competition; awarding multiple grants of €10k to un/der-represented emerging creatives. My dad suggested I call the company utile dulci, meaning ‘the useful with the agreeable’, but I chose un as my base; to use un as an adjective for change or difference. un/words go against the tide and make waves.

Rosie Donoghue, Founder